As the son of a refugee, today is particularly meaningful. Growing up, I was taught first hand the stories of war, ableism, and racism.

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My mother told stories of seeing the bombers come and destroy neighboring cities. My Opa told stories of being conscripted into service for the Nazi army.

I have relatives that were forcibly sterilized, due to being disabled. Probably others that died, due to Nazi policies supporting eugenics. Depending on the nature of ones disability, one could either be put to death as a useless burden, or be sterilized as an act of "sympathy." …

I have started, stopped, and started college several times over the years. Is it time to admit defeat and throw in the towel?

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More than twenty years ago, I started a new job. I intended to stay there for maybe a year or two. Three at the most. I was eager to do well and devoted my energy to doing excellent work, but I did not set out to stay at the same company for so long.

Maybe you found yourself in a respectable job that you wanted to keep for as long as possible as well. Certainly, the pandemic has caused a lot of us to reevaluate our careers, whether due to job loss or the additional time to self-reflect during quarantine…

More than $4 million was accidentally given to the wrong charity! By being mindful when donating, you can ensure your money goes where you intend.

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Shortly after George Floyd died, I wanted to financially support causes working towards equality and racial justice. My employer even set up a matching grant program to encourage donations. I wanted to ensure my donation made an impact, so I started looking into various charities.

I was amazed to see how easy it would be to accidentally send money to the wrong organization, get scammed, or just waste money supporting ineffective charities.

A search of “Black Lives Matter” on charity database brought up nearly 4,000 charities! In fact, it has been reported that donations of more than $4 million…

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